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From the late Middle Ages to the present day, there have been many foreign authors who have left written records, in a large and heterogeneous collection of texts, of a real or imaginary trip to the Canary Islands. In most cases, their accounts have become an indispensable source to (re)build and learn the history and the physical, natural, social and cultural reality of this Atlantic land, helping to turn these islands into a landmark of the Western culture.

The aim of this website is the realization of a catalogue, as comprehensive as possible, including accurate data about the life, work and relationship with the Canaries of all those people who, throughout history, have turned their eyes to these islands. In short, the aim of this database is to make this vision from otherness help to restore, preserve and make known a very important part of the Canary historical and cultural heritage, which is of undeniable interest for researchers from many other disciplines, and at the same time, it is designed in order to assess properly, especially beyond our islands, both the importance of the Canary Islands in the history of the European sea and scientific expeditions, as well as its unique presence in the Western literary tradition.

This work, which is carried out by specialists from the two Canary universities, is part of the research projects FFI2008-03695 and FFI2011-25994, which is funded by the Spanish Ministry of Science and Innovation (I+D+i National Plan) and the European Regional Development Fund.